Vorsprung Der Sales Technic!

Two decades ago an advertising executive took a factory sign and turned it into one of the most globally recognised of marketing slogans.  The slogan wasn’t even in English!   It means ‘progress through technology’,  but is more familiar to us all as ‘vorsprung der technic’ – the Audi trade mark.

Progress through sales technology!

A slight a variation on this popular slogan is very relevant give the focus of so many sales managers at this time.  That is ‘vorsprung der sales technic’, or in english ‘progress through sales technology’.  We considered other slogans but they just did not have the same appeal – ‘keep on keeping on’, ‘hard work will see you through’ for example lacked the motivational appeal.

Progress through sales technology means the application of science and structure to selling.  After all making sales calls, sales pitches and sales proposals is not enough.  Better sales calls, sales pitches and sales proposals are what is needed.

Progress requires working smarter, not just harder.  It requires constant innovation and improvement and with it better systems, structures, processes and plans for selling.  It won’t do away with the toil and effort,  but it will make it as intelligent and rewarding as possible.

Faced with more challenging markets, greater sophistication of buyers and the difficulty of predicting what deals will close, making sales more engine-like is key.

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