Want Sales Process? Think Sales Engine.

The search for a more consistent, repeatable efficient process around selling is underway.

But those who are thinking about sales as the engine of their business have a head start in terms of achieving the benefits of a more process driven approach to sales.  Here is why:

  • When managers talk engine they are focused on a consistent, repeatable, process around sales.
  • They are thinking about the various components working together in unison, or the various cylinders (leads, meeting, etc.) firing in sequence.
  • They are focused on the result and working backwards to how it is achieved.
  • They are looking for opportunities to automate the results where possible.
  • Other words associated with being engine-like are dynamic and regulated

Whether the language is engine or process, managers are intent on transforming sales from an art to a science.  They want greater visibility, predictability and control in respect of sales and that means they are seeking consistency in an area which has traditionally depended on the vagrancies of the salesperson, than the dictates of process.    They want a process that can be tracked, measured and thereby improved.

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