Are You A Strategist Or A Tactician?

Would you rather be seen by your colleagues as a strategic genius, or an effective tactician?  Well, perhaps it depends on your pay grade, or job title.

On a practical level whether you are a strategist or a tactician, depends on your answer to the following questions:

  • Do you take one day/week/month at a time?  Or can you look beyond this quarter?
  • Do you see the bigger picture?  Or is it a struggle to ‘see the wood from the trees’?
  • Are you (and your team) working hard, or working smart?
  • Is your approach that of the rifle, or shotgun?
  • Is everybody singing of the same hymn sheet?
  • Do you have clear priorities, or are you simply fire fighting?

There are opportunities for most managers to become a little more strategic in both their thinking and their approach.  It means an approach to developing sales that is more:

  • Deliberate and considered (the planning and information gathering in strategy)
  • Consistent and co-ordinated (the clarity, direction and focus in strategy)
  • Long term – looks beyond this quarter (to adopt a longer term view)
  • Ongoing – one that avoids costly stop-starts and zig zag courses of action
  • Priority driven – makes trade-offs and sets priorities (that is decision making and resource allocation in strategy)
  • Realistic / pragmatic and yet ambitious, or visionary (setting strategic goals)
  • Colective/team based – to which everybody has subscribed (it is not just the managers / CEOs strategy)
  • Resource concious – allocated resources in the most deliberate and focused manner possible (the essence of strategic priorities)
  • Strategic – makes real choices about where and how to compete/grow (the essence of competitive strategy).
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