Your Organization’s Sales Performance Revealed

When it comes to the performance of sales teams surprises are not uncommon. The manager who relies on gut instinct is particularly vulnerable.

Sales Leaders Don’t Want Surprises

There are 3 reasons why sales directors/managers often face shocks and surprises regarding the performance of their teams, pipelines and strategies:
1. They are not always told everything – what other stakeholders are saying, even what sales team members are saying themselves.
2. There may be hidden gaps in terms of sales skills and process performance.
3. The view that we are performing well may be lacking any external validation in terms of evolving best practice or changing customer requirements.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® prevents surprises.  It provides managers and their teams with a new level of insight into sales performance and potential. It reveals opportunities and challenges that would otherwise remain hidden. In fact the hidden sales potential is typically of between 7% and 12%.


Insights Not Information

Many sales managers are faced with information over-load and analysis paralysis. More data is not what is needed. With this in mind the Sales Strategy Pitstop® focuses on providing managers with actionable insight rather than more information when it comes to sales performance.

insights on sales performance


The most commonly asked question for any manager or salesperson reviewing their sales performance maps and other outputs from The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is ‘What does it reveal to you?’

Revealing new things about sales performance


How The Sales Strategy Pitstop® Works

We talk about how The Sales Strategy Pitstop® has the ability to provide new revelations for sellers in terms of a magnifying glass, a mirror and a laser.

How to get a new perspective on salesperformance

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® holds a magnifying glass up to how your organization sells and a mirror up to your teams attitudes  behaviours and confidence.  Why?  To enable a laser-like focus on the sales priorities, opportunities and challenges that can affect revenue performance in the short to medium term.


What The Sales Strategy Pitstop® Reveals About Performance

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® provides an up-close view of sales revealing in detail aspects of sales hidden from plain sight.

Revealing hidden aspects of sales performance


Sales systems and sales forecasting tools can provide managers with access to an un-paralled level of sales data.  But the reports generated by The Sales Strategy Pitstop® reveal key sales performance accelerators/inhibitors that otherwise remain hidden from view, or off the agenda. That includes gaps in terms of; skills, process, risks to target and key improvement priorities for sales.

key sales performance accelerators/inhibitors


Most important of all it reveals the team’s/organizations hidden sales potential – typically of between 7% and 12%.  It is a view that is unobstructed by issues of politics and personalities.


What The Sales Strategy Pitstop® Reveals About Sales People

In addition to putting sales performance under the magnifying glass, The Sales Strategy Pitstop® provides a clear and detailed reflection of the salesperson.  That is the reflective mirror aspect of the approach – it reveals as much about the salesperson as it does about sales strategy or sales process performance.

clear and detailed reflection of the salesperson.

The responses to the Sales Strategy Pitstop® assessment reveal what each person on the sales team is thinking – their attitudes, confidence and behaviour. It provides an opportunity for sellers to air their doubts and uncertainties in a safe manner and reveals things that are often left unsaid, but need to be heard. Most important of all it enables a better understanding of the behaviours of various team members.


A Laser-Like Focus On Sales

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® helps managers and their teams to maintain a laser-like focus on key skills gaps or process bottlenecks that represent barriers to increased sales or risks to target.  It quantifies (in monetary terms) the impact of improvements made in key areas providing the motivation that is needed to mobilize a change in behaviour.

Focusing on key sales priorities


Behaviour Change & Results

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is the first sales assessment solution on the market to link a change in behaviour to an impact on team and individual results. It has been designed to enhance existing sales performance and talent development strategies and is in use in Fortune 1000 teams.