The Sales Strategy Pitstop

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a process for accelerating sales growth and building (or maintaining) a high-performance sales organization.

A powerful alternative to traditional sales training, strategy or transformation projects, it enables team’s to exploit hidden sales potential of 7-12%.

The process creatively blends assessment & bench-marking, skills & confidence building and sales strategy & priority setting in a way that empowers sales teams with renewed focus, confidence and energy.

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Sales success is complex.  It is not just about one ingredient, but several.  That means the ‘quick-fix’ is often short-lived.  Building a high performing sales organization requires addressing all those factors that underpin success.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a process for accelerating sales growth and building (or maintaining) a high-performance sales organization. It addresses the following growth and performance related issues:Slide3

The pitstop provides a 360 degree view of sales performance. It pin-points and addresses those areas that have the potential to accelerate sales (as well as the potential to decelerate it).  It focuses the attention of sales managers and team members on the areas that matter to them – the areas that can have an impact on sales this quarter and the next.

The pitstop embodies a clever framework which de-personalizes and de-politicizes sales success, while unlocking greater creativity and imagination.  That gets people contributing to the debate about business development in a surprisingly open and creative way.  It draws parallels between Formula One racing and the Formula for sales success (as shown below).

Sales Strategy Pitstop

The Formula One analogy is used to get people thinking about accelerating sales growth in a new way – it is about competition, skill, performance and above all winning.  It will re-frame the issue of sales performance in order to:

  • Get people thinking about business development a new way
  • Un-lock people’s creativity – resulting in a more creative approach to problem solving around business development
  • Get people talking about business development using a common framework and language
  • Break free of some of the un-helpful associations normally associated with sales/business development



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Here are the benefits that typically accrue from the Sales Strategy Pitstop®:
sales strategy pitstop benefits

Managers commence the programme with a clear performance related objective in mind but are generally surprised that in in addition to achieving that objective several other benefits result.  For example in tackling a particular skills gap, hidden sales potential is unleashed, priorities are clarified and motivation gets a boost.

The pitstop process creatively blends assessment & bench-marking, skills & confidence building, and sales strategy & priority setting in a way that empowers sales teams with renewed focus, confidence and energy.


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The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a process for addressing impediments to accelerating sales growth and building (or maintaining) a high-performance sales organization.
sales strategy pitstop challenges
Managers undertake the Sales Strategy Pitstop® in order to address a particular performance challenge – it may be a skills, process or strategy issue.  Addressing that challenges becomes the primary focus, however in the process other less obvious (but interrelated) challenges are also addressed. [/expand]

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In any dynamic sales organization, there are questions regarding the optimal approach, the key priorities, skills required, etc.  These questions, if unanswered, can undermine confidence, or result in confusion and uncertainty.  In short they can represent a barrier to taking action.

Here are some of the sales performance-related questions addressed by means of the Sales Strategy Pitstop®:

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® creates a new dialogue on sales performance and in particular on those factors that have the potential to accelerate sales growth. However, it is not just about dialogue, the focus is on action and results.[/expand]

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Managers have experience of running traditional sales training workshops, sales away-days and even sales transformation projects, but with mixed results in terms of impact on sales or on changing behavior.  The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is different:

what makes the Sales Strategy Pitstop different?

There are lots of sales training programmes available to managers.  However, power point slides and class-room based training typically falls short of what is required to affect meaningful long term change, or indeed results.

What is required is an approach that goes beyond traditional classroom sales training – an approach that engages teams in building confidence commitment and passion, as well as addressing the underlying skills and processes that are required for sales.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® enables managers to address particular sales opportunities and challenges in a way that is certain to produce results. Here are just 2 of the ways that this happens:



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The solutions to competing in today’s marketplace don’t just come from within the sales community – if they did everybody would have them.  So, in addition to providing sales teams with access to global best practice in respect of sales, The Sales Strategy Pitstop® leverages best practice from 7 other areas, as shown below.
The Underlying Science

Managers don’t have time to immerse themselves in the latest thinking regarding effective strategy or organizational and behavioral change.  Yet these disciplines can clearly explain why 90% of strategies and 70% of change initiatives fail and what is required to ensure success.  The Sales Strategy Pitstop® leverages the latest research in these areas to empower managers to achieving new levels of performance.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® includes a scientific sales assessment and complex algorithm to generate new data-driven insights on sales performance.

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The Sales Strategy Pitstop® gets people thinking about sales performance and potential in a new way.  This is particularly important in an area, such as strategy or process, where the traditional approach is no longer adequate.

A new approach to sales strategy

The Formula One analogy is used to get people thinking about accelerating sales growth in a new way – it is about competition, skill, performance and above all winning.

re-frames sales performance

The concept of a Pitstop is used because teams don’t have lots of time for ‘talking shops’ or ‘blue ocean sessions’.

The Pitstop brings teams together to work on sales strategy and performance in the same fashion as a pit-crew.  That is with energy, teamwork and focus.

The focus is on coming together to focus on improving performance but without taking too much time out of the race.  The Pitstop is the ultimate in teamwork – it entails incredible discipline, focus and speed.

is your sales team a pit crew?

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The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is for B2B sales organizations who want to accelerate sales and become (or maintain) a high performing sales team, but are tired of traditional sales training, sales consultants, or sales strategy.

The needs of specific sectors, such as; IT, Lifesciences, Professional Services and Construction & Engineering, are addressed by customized versions of The Sales Strategy Pitstop®.

The pitstop is normally run with sales teams of a minimum of 10 people up to several hundred.  The process also engages stakeholders or functions that are aligned with sales, including marketing, customer service/KAM, HR and operations.[/expand]

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The Sales Strategy Pitstop® project is composed of the following ingredients:

Too many new sales initiatives fail to get successfully off the ground. Managers are often frustrated with the difficulty posed by change – whether it is bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, the adoption of a new sales techniques, or rolling out a new sales system. At the same time marketplace challenges require a greater ability to change than ever before.

To ensure success The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is underpinned by the following change model:

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is delivered via a Results Based Learning model (based on Action Learning principles). To find out more click here.