Sales Programmes

Sales programmes from The ASG Group

The Sales Strategy Pitstop is a sales programme that includes sales skills workshops, access to new sales tools & techniques and directed action in order to impact on sales performance.

The approach involves:










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Your sales people need training, but your organization needs results.  That can be a problem because most traditional sales training has little, or no impact on sales results.

All Sales Pitstop™ workshops delivered set goals for the impact of sales.  All participants leave workshops with specific sales priorities and a targeted impact on sales.


Sales Pitstop™ programmes are aimed at identifying and exploiting hidden sales potential within your team.

Your team members complete a sophisticated diagnostic to pin-points areas of opportunity and quantifies the impact of any gaps or bottlenecks on sales.





Sales Pitstop™ programmes impact immediately on pipeline opportunities. That includes our deal clinic methodology for advancing key deals with the use of The ASG Group’s industry-leading buyer-side research.






The greatest challenge for many sales teams is not the absence of particular sales skill, or techniques, but other factors involved in the process of change.  All our programmes are underpinned by a 6 step change model.  The result is an accelerated process of adoption.





Our sales programmes are about fresh thinking, they challenge old ways of looking at things, deliver new insights and result in break-troughs.  This is key to creating and sustaining change.






The Sales Strategy Pitstop re-invents sales training in line with global best practice in learning & development, as well as sales.

We have taken action learning principles and applied them to sales.  The result is an accelerated process that tackles real sales challenges in an action focused manner.


The objective of Sales Strategy Pitstop Programmes is a sustained up-lift in performance.