Sales Priorities: Is There A Consensus About What Needs To Be Done?

Most sales managers have a clear view of the sales priorities, opportunities and challenges facing their organizations. That is great!  However, this clarity is often not present among other members of the sales, or management team.

The lack of a clear consensus makes it more difficult for the sales manager to effectively translate strategies and priorities into action.

Maximizing sales success requires that the sales team must work in unison, following a clear and consistent strategy.

This strategy must integrate sales and marketing, while also ensuring organization wide and cross functional support.

Does Everybody Share the Sales Manager’s Priorities?

In many organisations the clarity, consensus and buy-in regarding sales and marketing falls short of what is required.

That is because managers don’t get to spend enough time ensuring that others share their assessment of sales and marketing performance and priorities.

That can make it difficult to get others to sign up to, and share responsibility for the required; strategies, resources and actions.

Has The Sales Managers Sold Others On The Priorities

The first thing that the sales manager has to sell is his/her priorities, strategies and structures – together with improvements and innovations – for sales and marketing.

That is to sell them to the members of the sales and marketing team, as well as to other managers and their departments. Yet, this often gets overlooked. That means:

· The sales effort may not get the resources and the support that it needs.

· Responsibility for sales is not spread widely enough, with sales seen as the job of the sales manager, or sales person, as opposed to purpose of the business and an area to which all members of the team must contribute.

What Sales Issues Require A Consensus?

Managers need to make a greater effort to ensure that there is a full appreciation and understanding of:

· The way forward

· Key sales opportunities and challenges

· What is and is not working

· The various roles and responsibilities

· New improvements, initiatives and innovations

· The key priorities and strategies

· Quantifiables and metrics to be used in tracking performance, etc.

How To Fast Track A Consensus?

How can managers fast track the process of getting people to buy-in to and sign-up for what needs to be done? In particular, how to side-step personalities and politics?

Well, the answer is to apply some of the process re engineering type principles common in many other areas of business. That means looking beyond the people to issues of processes, activities, efficiency and so on.

In particular, an effective way is for managers to get their team and their management counterparts to look at sales and marketing as the revenue generating engine of the business and the sales target as a race to the finish line.

By framing the process around a concept with which everybody is familiar, one that is intuitive and logical – that is the Formula One racing car – managers can get wider involvement, freer discussion and fresher ideas.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop applies the principles of speed, focus and teamwork to accelerate the process of setting strategy and reviewing performance.