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Driver Safety: Preventing Stalled & Lost Deals

As the quarter or year end approaches the challenge is to go faster while staying safe.  It is to accelerate sales activity, while maintaining a high win rate.  On the sales circuit, just as on the race circuit, getting the balance of speed and safety is key.

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The Hidden Power Of Your Sales Metrics

Sales is all about the number – the sales target that is. So it is ironic that many salespeople don’t have the sales metrics that they need to plan for and manage their success.  The result is a crisis in confidence about meeting the sales target.

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The ‘Monte Carlo’ Sales Circuit

The Race Circuit is a powerful metaphor for selling and the Monaco Circuit is an ideal way to communicate the opportunities and challenges faced by B2B sellers in today’s competitive markets.

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How Is Your Sales Strategy & Team Really Performing?

How is your sales strategy and/or team really performing?  Chances are there are different views regarding how well things are going – even different degrees of confidence regarding meeting or exceeding targets.

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Predictive Sales Analytics & Algorithms

Measuring sales performance can be tricky. Predicting it is even more difficult. But the application of science and in particular the use of algorithms can overcome these challenges.  The Sales Pitstop™ accurately measures the present and future performance of a sales person, team or organization using a sales algorithm.

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The Great Sales Process Make-Over

Our research team have given sales process a make-over. The objective is to make it more interesting, and most of all more relevant to the success of your sales team.

The results will change the way you look at sales performance –  they will also help you to get your team to to apply new sales strategies and skills in order to boost success.

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