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Sales Managers With ‘GO FASTER!’ Stripes

Some Sales Managers have ‘GO FASTER!‘ stripes – that is to say their approach gives them a real advantage when it comes to accelerating sales.

In this insight we will explore the role of the sales manager in accelerating growth and in particular why some managers find it easier, than others.

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Sales Managers: Who’s In The Driver Seat?

Accelerating sales requires a new take on how the sales function is organized.  Managers need to put more of their people in the driving seat – to give their teams greater responsibility and scope to maneuver.

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Motivating Salespeople – How Managers Can Get It Wrong!

The approach to motivation within many sales organizations fails to address as many as 3 out of 5 of the factors that motivate people to high levels of performance.  A major lost opportunity to maximize performance and potential.

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Speed Secrets for Sellers:  Don’t Blame the Car!

There are interesting parallels between selling and driving a race car.  Both are concerned with speed and of course with winning .  For the driver the challenge is to get the race car across the line ahead of the competition – for the seller it is about getting the sale/key deal across the line.  For both there can be any number of obstacles along the track and the risk of a crash is always present.

In this the first of a series called ‘Sales Manager Speed Secrets’ we borrow on the advice of racing greats, such as Ross Bently and Mario Andretti, to provide salespeople with valuable tips on how to accelerate the sale.
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Exploiting Your Organization’s True Sales Potential

Selling is a people business, so it logically follows that sales performance and people performance go hand-in-hand. However the unsophisticated ‘man-management’ approaches adopted by most sales organizations leave a lot of the people potential under-exploited.

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Re-Igniting Your Sales Team’s Passion

Re-igniting the sales team’s passion for their work and fueling their desire to win is a key responsibility for every sales manager.

This challenge is set against the background of a universal crisis in terms of workplace motivation – where all but a small minority of staff are engaged in their jobs.

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Fueling Sales Performance

You want to build and sustain a high performing sales machine, but what is going to fuel its success?

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ALERT: Your Sales Management Philosophy Maybe Dangerously Out-Of-Date!

Managers say they want to build a sales organization that has the qualities of speed, agility and skill. One that is sophisticated, responsive, high performing and above all successful. But is that what they are getting?
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‘Winning By A Nose’ – The Importance Of Direction & Focus For Sales Teams

When somebody throws themselves across the finish line just slightly ahead of a competitor the expression ‘winning by a nose’ is often used.  But in Formula One racing ‘winning by the nose’ has a deeper meaning – one that has resonance with sales success.

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How Is Your Sales Strategy & Team Really Performing?

How is your sales strategy and/or team really performing?  Chances are there are different views regarding how well things are going – even different degrees of confidence regarding meeting or exceeding targets.

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