Category: Mental Models

Changing Behavior by Working On Underlying Mental Models

Sustaining change is a key challenge facing managers who are ambitious for fast growth and high performance.  The problem is that people don’t always do what they say and the commitments made can easily fall by the way-side.

The PitStop process has been designed to drive sustainable change.  It does this by engaging and challenging the attitudes and beliefs that shape the behaviors and strategies of managers and their teams.  It works to change the dominant mental models relating to performance and growth within your business.

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Simplicity at the Other Side of Growth Complexity

How the PitStop uses models & metaphors to engage people in the science behind growth.

The Strategy Pitstop™ is a mixture of assessment, science and psychology. It’s power lies in the ability to take the complex subject of accelerating business growth and make it so accessible that managers can achieve new breakthroughs in PitStop workshops in just a few hours.  Here we examine the sophistication not just of the science behind the PitStop, but how it has been made accessible to managers and teams.

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