Category: Systems Thinking

How To Apply ‘Systems Thinking’ To Boost Your Success

Sales performance or potential is too complex to be reduced to one or two isolated factors.  Yet this is what happens in conversations and planning meetings/workshops every day.

Here we examine some of the ways in which managers can adopt a more systems thinking-led approach to illuminate new solutions to old problems.  This is core to the effectiveness of The Strategy Pitstop™ process.

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Understanding All The Requirements of Winning

How the Sales Strategy PitStop employs a management technique called ‘Systems Thinking’ to give managers greater control

As managers we can all to easily over-simplify the requirements of winning and growing.  We focus on a small number of factors and attribute success or failure to them.  The result is that some of the more complex factors we face stubbornly resist the simple solution and shocks and surprises result.  But there is a solution.

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Seeing What Others Cannot See

The PitStop Applies Systems Thinking To Help You Tackle The Hidden Complexity of Growth

The Sales PitStop is steeped heavily in what is called ‘Systems Thinking’ or ‘Systems Dynamics.’  That is a body of knowledge aimed at increasing the sophistication of decision making and analysis in line with the complexity of most modern day business problems.

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