Accelerate STRATEGY

Will your strategy deliver the growth you need?

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a powerful way to assess and then accelerate your sales strategy, including:

What is stopping your organization from accelerating sales? It is time to challenge the vision of what is possible and align all functions to support sales growth.


Bring risks to target & barriers to sales out the open and tackle them.

Identify and tackle any risks to the achievement of target, incl. activity levels, pipeline confidence, skills gaps, or process bottlenecks.

RISKS To Target

Ensure you meet your target with confidence.

Ensure you have the right people in the right roles with the skills and confidence they need.

Tackle SKILLS Gaps

A powerful alternative to traditional skills training.

Ambition drives growth. But does your team have the culture, vision and commitment to accelerate sales?

BOOST Ambition & Confidence

Tap into your team's ambition to succeed. Re-ignite the desire to win.

Does everybody share the same priorities regarding sales?  Is everybody pulling in the same direction?

Clarify Sales PRIORITIES

Energize & align your team around clear priorities for sales.

Get everybody’pulling in the same direction’ including all those functions that have an impact on sales performance.


Get everybody working together in support of the key sales priorities.

Optimize your sales process by tackling gaps or bottlenecks, in line with changing customer buying patterns and using best practice as a guide.

Optimize Sales PROCESS

Boost win rates and improve pipeline visibility.

Is your team focused on the customers and products capable of accelerating sales? Also does it have the messages & materials to ensure success?

Sales Targeting

Gain additional traction in high growth market segments.