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Exploiting Your Organization’s True Sales Potential

Selling is a people business, so it logically follows that sales performance and people performance go hand-in-hand. However the unsophisticated ‘man-management’ approaches adopted by most sales organizations leave a lot of the people potential under-exploited.

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Are You Motivated By Growth Potential, Or Risks To Target?

At its simplest people are motivated by two opposing forces; ‘fear of loss’ or ‘prospect of gain’.  This explains the motivations of different sales managers for using the Sales Strategy Pitstop®.

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The Science Of Sales Assessments

Managers who don’t have recourse to sales assessments are at a disadvantage when it comes to making important sales decisions.  Here we examine the increasing role played by assessments in planning for sales performance success.

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The Hidden Power Of Your Sales Metrics

Sales is all about the number – the sales target that is. So it is ironic that many salespeople don’t have the sales metrics that they need to plan for and manage their success.  The result is a crisis in confidence about meeting the sales target.

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Sales Pitstop Implementation Approach – The Guiding Principles

Change isn’t easy, but research has clearly identified the essential ingredients of successful projects and initiatives for sales teams. These form the guiding principles of the Sales Pitstop™ implementation approach.

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‘Winning By A Nose’ – The Importance Of Direction & Focus For Sales Teams

When somebody throws themselves across the finish line just slightly ahead of a competitor the expression ‘winning by a nose’ is often used.  But in Formula One racing ‘winning by the nose’ has a deeper meaning – one that has resonance with sales success.

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Sales Success: Balancing Power And Precision

Some people think Formula One Car racing is all about speed.  But they are mistaken.  The same principle applies in sales strategy, where the power of your sales and marketing performance is determined greatly by its precision.Continue Reading..

Strategy And The Racetrack – The Formula 1 Analogy

Sales strategy is about speed, winning and teamwork. That makes Formula One a powerful metaphor for the strategies required for accelerating sales growth and performance.

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Predictive Sales Analytics & Algorithms

Measuring sales performance can be tricky. Predicting it is even more difficult. But the application of science and in particular the use of algorithms can overcome these challenges.  The Sales Pitstop™ accurately measures the present and future performance of a sales person, team or organization using a sales algorithm.

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The Sales Pitstop™ Diagnostic: An Overview

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